Why FreshDataLabs?

  1. Improve Time Efficiency: Eliminate the non-sales time by taking the burden of prospecting (calling, emailing, messaging etc.) away from your inside sales team and let them focus on closing more business.
  2. Cost Effective: The best part about outsourcing your B2B lead generation is that you can cost-effectively increase your team by paying for results, rather than the time and efforts invested in training.
  3. Empower Your Sales Team: You can feed leads to your struggling sales team and that will save you time as your sales professionals will not have to sit around searching for prospects.
  4. Beyond ABC (Always Be Closing): Conduct additional sales activities like event promotion and event follow-up without taking your main sales team off topic as they will concentrate on expanding their horizon rather than staying with the ABC of sales.
  5. Generate Sales Ready Leads: Add other data resources and mining to expand your current marketing database as the SQL are learned and well-resourced to bring out the best results for your business and make sure that your leads convert into clients.

Introducing Credit System:

Pay only for the data you get!

FreshDataLabs guarantees you with 95% accuracy on the emails. Hard bounced emails are only considered, soft bounced emails will not be taken into consideration. If the accuracy range falls below 95%, you need to send back the Hard Bounced emails within 30 days from the date of delivery, we will verify using our standard procedures and if we find that the emails are Hard bounced – Freshdatalabs will either replace the hard bounced emails with new set of emails or the credits will be refunded to your account. However you can use the unused credits at any part of time as they never expire.

Sounds Cool, Right?