Lead Generation and Its Importance

May 24, 2020

Lead generation is the process of identifying potential customers for your business’s products or services. There are many ways by which a lead can be generated, be it, through digital media, offline marketing, word of mouth etc.

You know, lead generation is not about just cold calling and sending emails out in bulk. It requires diverse range of strategies to be effective.

Examples of lead generation:

    • A visitor fills up the signup form in your website.
    • Meeting people in conference or events or through networking and getting their interest.
    • When you post your products or services on the digital channels or offline advertisement and someone expresses their interest.

And many more.

Lead Generation

Lead Generation is very important for the growth of your business and is not just easy as it looks like. People don’t just give out their information (express interest) unless you articulate the value in your business solution.

Once the lead is captured you need to educate them about how your product/service helps them with the particular challenges and how you differentiate with the market players. You need to build relationship with customers at each point of buyer’s journey with engaging content and passive knowledge. This is a very effective strategy because it gives you the opportunity to show your target audience that you are an expert in niche markets, thereby building trust and credibility which in return boosts the chances of purchasing your products or services.

Why Lead Generation is important?

Sales is very important since it brings major revenue to the company and for its growth. For a successful sale to happen, first step is the quality lead generation. Finding potential customers and successfully reaching them is a long and difficult process. Marketers have to find different ways to reach customers since the buyer and seller process has completely changed.

If you would like to know why lead generation is important, you’ll need to determine why leads are important.

Think of businesses like a lion. In order for the lion to grow and survive, it needs to consistently find and consume food. Businesses are exactly the same when it comes to leads – leads are the ‘food’ of the business. In order to survive, the businesses need to obtain customers. Customers are conversions from leads, and leads are basically persons or businesses that are in need of a product or service that you offer.

The ability to effectively reach out to relevant prospects, bring them into the sales funnel and nurture them can quite literally, make or break your business. People aren’t robots –they won’t become your customers unless they see a value in it. You need to exhibit that you care about the particular issues, and you want to help. You need to show that you want to build relationships with them and be in their corner. Once you can do that, you would earn their loyalty, and they ‘ll be more likely to support you, once you bring them into your sales funnel and convert them into a paying customer.